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| 2016. gada 30. dec. |

Baltic DJ school in Nordplus Adult programme is comleted!


"Baltic DJ school" was an inter-cultural and creative exchange of adult learners about music production and performing. 20 DJs and producers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia met in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius where during 5 day exchanges they learned to create music mixes and shared their experience in music production, deejaying and creative activities. Participants took part in workshops, research activities and music events. During the creative process participants produced innovative, captivating and witty pieces of music and presented them to wider audience. After the project music is be available for free streaming on Mixcloud:

The aim of the project was to promote inter-cultural dialog and encourage participants to think about using digital competences for creative objectives by choosing music production as a main method in this project - creative and potentially innovative activity that needs cooperation among involved participants starting from generating idea till the final product and it's public presentation. As an organized creative initiative this project promoted informal learning among DJs and producers and gave consciousness about belonging to North European music makers. Nordplus Adult addresses the field of adult learning with financial support to transnational mobility and project collaboration.


| 2016. gada 1. dec. |

Rīgas DJ skola uzņem bērnus no 8-14 gadu vecumam!

| 2016. gada 1. dec. |

Pieteikšanās 2017. gada DJ kursiem!

| 2016. gada 14. nov. |

Rīgas DJ skola aicina uz atvērto durvju dienu - DEMO DIENU!

| 2016. gada 29. sept. |

Klausies savās austiņās to vēlreiz!